Receive our channel

Receive Our Channel

The Caravan Channel is aired on Showcase at 8pm every Monday, 5pm Wednesdays, 5.30am Thursdays, 10.30am Saturdays & Sundays. In case you're wondering, here's how you can receive our channel:


Via your television set

Some 24 million viewers, in over 11 million homes, can directly receive Information TV in the UK. There are no charges, nor is any registration required. No internet connection is required.

Information TV is a Digital Television Service. It is broadcast by satellite, and available throughout the UK as a “free-to-air” channel, accessible by all who have access to the Sky or Freesat digital satellite platforms. The channel is accessible regardless of which Sky subscription is taken by the viewer. It is also accessible by those who have terminated their Sky subscriptions, retaining only the “Free to air” channels. The channel can also be received throughout Western and much of Central Europe, with a satellite dish and receiver pointing to the Eurobird 1 satellite. There are estimated to be over 50 Million satellite viewing homes in Europe.

On Sky Digital we can be found at: Showcase  (Channel 212)

On Freesat, Showcase is Channel 161

The Information TV programme schedule is listed on both the Freesat and the SkyTM Electronic Programme Guides, and all the normal Digibox  facilities are available -  programme synopses, reminder setting, recording (with SkyPlusTM), adding to “my favourite channels” and so on. Some programmes may carry subtitles or non-English language audio.

Throughout most of Europe, The Caravan Channel can be received via any satellite equipment pointing at the Astra/Eurobird complex at 28.2E.

Information TV
Frequency 11.623 H, FEC 2/3, Symbol Rate 27500, Service ID 50880

Via the internet

For broadband users throughout the world, all our channels can also be viewed live via web simulcast.  Click the 'Watch Online' link on our home page to watch. There is no charge for viewing our programmes. The web streams are available in Flash, Windows Media Player or the newer Microsoft Silverlight (all free). To receive our simulcasts, you must have a broadband connection capable of supporting > 400KBps. If the broadcasts "stutter" and are interrupted, it is likely that your connection is not fast enough to keep up!  In this case, you should close all other web-connected programmes, which might "steal" bandwidth, while watching our show.

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Series 2
19th September 2016
New series of Practical Caravan TV!